There are thousands of hours of amature video footage on the internet from concerned UK citizens.
Here are a few videos to show what we are seeing happen in our skies daily here in the UK.

Obvious Chemtrailing - Kent 11th May 2012

Notice the majority of the parallel trails are north to south which is not a usual flight path. At the beginning of the clip, the blue sky i am filming is in the direction of London (40miles West) notice how there are no trails coming from that direction, which is where the majority of all air traffic originates (east to west london to europe flight paths). So in the direction of 3 major airports we see no trails what so ever. Notice how ALL the trails begin at the same point, which contradicts contrail science. This suggests they are purposely laid. Notice how all the trails are directly in front of the sun and the suns perceived path, this suggests the Geo Engineering technique of 'Solar Radiation Management'....

UK Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering

Weather modification is in full effect here in Portsmouth and elsewhere in the UK and also globally... man made clouds are a everyday occurrence sadly. There has been a significant reduction in the amount of sunlight we have seen so far this year and rainfall for June exceeded previous records. This amount of bad weather at this time of year is not natural.. it is weather manipulation/cloud seeding... in full effect... in the UK ... most days... and it is completely violating our human rights!!!

Chemtrails in Brighton Sussex
Recorded on 08/09/2012 at Brighton Railway Station UK at 7pm

15 minutes of sky sped up 20x
Showing Geo engineering happen in the skies over Portsmouth 25/04/2013

Not A Cloud In the Sky Just Chemtrails and Sky Terrorists UK 24/04/13

Obvious Live Geoengineering in Action- Covert Scientific Manipulation - Governments LIE

Todays weather Portsmouth - 04 05 2013 - Sped up x 20

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