Here are some ideas to get you started!
  • Tell people about this situation and send them a link to our site so that people can see the information we have here and learn for them selves what is going on.

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  • Join an awareness group on Facebook and invite friends and family. Visit the local groups page to see if you have a group in your local area already or alternatively start a group up for your local area. Ask other groups advise to get ideas on how to set up a group your self.
  • Organise a film screening ~ Why not organise a screening to share this information? There are plenty of documentaries which are completely free to watch on You Tube. On the front page of this website we have some great documentaires you could show people.

Great value flyer packs!

Purchase flyer packs and hand them out!
We have ready printed A6, 2 sided,
full colour, information flyer pack

1,000 flyers = £16
(These prices include a donation towards flyers and P&P)



Alternatively you can download by clicking on the
flyer images and print them out yourself!

DISCLAIMER: UK Sky Watch will not be held liable for the actions of individuals using our flyers, posters or any other awareness raising tools.
The individual takes full responsibility for their actions.

Free black & white flyers to print out and share!!

FREE Mini FLYERS to print at home!

Print these onto plain paper and hand out or print them onto
sticky paper and stick them anywhere (within reason)!!
You can hand them out to people, or leave them in waiting rooms, public transport, leisure centres, libraries, town halls etc or print them onto sticky A4 paper and stick them onto pretty much anything within reason.

Mini Flyers x 8

  • Call your Local Council
  • Environment Agency :0800 807060
  • Civil Aviation Authority : 01293 573190
  • Local Media (Newspapers, Radio, TV)
  • Contact your Member of Parliament (MP)

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Our weather is being engineered ~

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... for caring about the planet!

UK SKY WATCH HQ - Raising awareness in style!

Hoodies for men & women in different sizes
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Stay warm & raise awareness!

Weather proof bumper stickers, gives a person something to read while in traffic!

Weather proof bumper sticker!

Get fit & raise awareness with a
UK SKY WATCH Canvas bag!

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Eco friendly T-shirts!

Download. Print. Share.

Put a poster in your front window/car window.


Make your own banner
We hand painted this banner with black
acylic paint on a white sheet.
Drawn in pencil first then painted.

Make information boards and put them up around your local area ~ Information boards are simple and fairly cheap to make and can be made with recycled materials.

We have made weather proof boards which can be put up temporarily around the city. We have also been attaching plastic pouches to these boards and putting the mini flyers in there for people to help them selves. These are very simple to make and fairly inexpensive.

Board Tutorial -

Here is a video exmple of what you can do when you finish making them :) We gotta spread the word anyway we can....

UK SKY WATCH setting up for an awareness day.


  • Test your rain water ~ Chemtrails Project UK have been organising rainwater test kits. The kit is a 250ml sample bottle
    and printed instructions on how to collect the rainwater & labels and a description of the suite of elements tested for, Aluminium, baruim, strontim, manganese, titanium, sulphates and the PH to show if there is scientific proof that the elements of geoengineering are occurring in our skies. We would like to scientifically test and record the exact amounts of Aluminum
    and Barium Strontium, Manganese, and the PH of the Rainwater
    of every Constituency in the United Kingdom.

    Click Here to Purchase a Rain Water Test Kit

  • Test your rain water's PH levels ~ we have been testing the
    PH of our rain water and finding extremely acidic or extremely alkaline rain. We believe this has been greatly affecting our plant growth in our area and causing untold damage to personal crops
    and surrounding trees and plants, this is because in such extreme PH levels the plants cannot take in nutrients.

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