People are gathering all over the UK to help bring awareness to the public about Geo engineering/climate modification.

If you would like to get involved or meet up with like minded people to discuss these pressing issues, here is a list of upcoming events in the UK. Also if you would like to organise your own awareness event then contact us and we can list it here!

2nd May 2016
Hyde Park, London Then on to Downing street
MAYDAY SOS!! U.K Public Rejection of Geoengineering Aerosol Spraying and the Petitioning of Parliament.

Please contact us if you are organising an awareness day in your city so we can add it to our list.
If awareness events are going on then we will endeavour to bring them to your attention by listing them on this page.

Over 300 dedicated souls turned out for the biggest Geoengineering awareness event London has seen so far!
We marched from Hyde Park along the streets of London raising much needed awareness about chemtrails/Geoengineering
on the way and then we handed in the Chemtrails Project petition & Directive.

Thank you to everyone involved for all your hardwork, there were some many wonderful people
who made the effort to come and support this event! Well done all :)

Photo Credit: Marco Fakin
The Chemtrails project petition with over 2,000 signatures into was handed into 10 Downing street,
along with a copy of the Chemtrails project Directive.

(You can still sign this petition -
Chemtrails project petition)

In London on the 5th of May 2014, 300 people Marched to Downing St to hand in The Petition of 2,000 signatures to Ban Geoengineering
along with the Directive of same effect with more demands to expose and test aircraft and emissions,
to prevent the exemption of the military from treaties and laws meant to protect us and to stop this assault on all life!
This is just the beginning.. The public pushback has arrived. 

Big Love and thanks to all friends and family who have stood by and supported us. We will bring this programme down!

Thank you x Chemtrails Project UK


GLOBAL AWARENESS DAY - AUGUST 25TH 2013 - People gathered around the globe today... in solidarity.. against the covert/Toxic/Geo engineering/Aerosol programs. Fantastic turnout! Well done everyone!

London 25th August Anti Chemtrail awareness day


Fantasticly creative home made awareness banners

Many people gathered in Cornwall to raise awareness!


Concerned citizens from around country
travelled to London today and gathered opposite Downing street to raise awareness of Geo engineering, it was a
fantastic turn out and the people were in good spirits.

Brave young lady standing up for her
future! Courageous & wonderful!



Like minded people gathered at Hyde Park on April 6th 2013 to make a stand against geo-engineering/weather modification. People came from all around the country to raise awareness of this most pressing issue. It was a fantastic day with many lovely people who are genuinely concerned about the current convert geo-engineering programs that are being carried out daily around the UK and the Globe and the damaging effects that happen because of them.

Anti Geo-engineering Protest at Hyde Park

Chemtrail Info Day London April 6th


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